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Top Dental Apps For You And Your Family

As the holistic dentist Montreal residents trust, Nathalie Kadoch and the team at Centre Dentaire are always looking for ways to make oral health easier for our patients. Since today’s world is driven by apps and innovative technology, we thought this would be a great time to highlight some of the best dental apps you and your family can use to keep your oral health in a positive place.

1. My Bright Smile

After winning the Best App for Children and Toddlers Award in 2015, My Bright Smile has helped tons of families teach small children the importance of oral hygiene through:

  • Free games
  • Two-minute-long songs (the perfect time for proper brushing)
  • Age-appropriate challenges

2. Brush DJ

Speaking of optimal tooth-brushing times, Brush DJ is great for adults who might not enjoy the child-friendly music provided by My Bright Smile. Brush DJ uses your own playlist to provide two-minute jams that come directly from your own playlist.

3. Celebrity Dentist Pets Doctor

What better way to teach your kiddos the importance of oral health than gaming? Little ones respond to interactive learning, and the Celebrity Dentist Pets Doctor does just that. It puts the power of clean teeth right at their fingertips, so it’s up to your kiddo to do the right thing to make sure their pets’ teeth are taken care of. Of course, this game provides an excellent segue for conversations about real-life oral health, so be sure to take advantage of that opportunity.

4. Brush Up

Brush Up is another gamified app that helps little ones understand the importance of proper toothbrushing. Using your phone’s camera, the app puts kiddos into a virtual world where they can watch themselves brush alongside a video that shows them how to do it correctly. They’ll gain points and rewards when they get their techniques down pat.

5. BoneBox Dental Lite

Developed as a tool to help medical and dental students, this app is also a great way for patients to learn about their mouths and understand how proposed procedures will affect their mouths. You’ll be able to see 3D images of teeth and jaws, zoom in on places of interest, and rotate the models to get a better view of what’s going on.

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