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How To Fix Your Bite Mechanics

We’ve all seen those supermodel-like smiles that flood the pages of Instagram. Sure, some people are born with naturally stunning teeth, but many people—including a lot of those famous Instagrammers and celebrities—need a little help from their dentists.

A lot of people don’t realize the importance of proper bite mechanics—that is, the correct alignment of your top and bottom jaws. It’s not uncommon for people to be born with overbites, underbites, and even open-bites. The patients who visit our dental clinic in Montreal are usually accustomed to their bites because they’ve had them their entire lives, but there are many problems that can result from improper bite mechanisms. That’s why our team wants to help you understand what we can do to help remedy uncomfortable (or even painful) situations.

1. Braces

Many people who need their bites realigned will seek some form of braces. With today’s technology, braces come in several different forms, allowing you and your dentist to choose the design that best fits with your oral health needs and personal lifestyle.

2. Cometic Dentistry

Adults who have only minor jaw misalignments might be eligible for veneers, which are put in place to help reshape the teeth. While this won’t fix the issues with the jaw itself, cosmetic dentistry can make the misalignment less noticeable, enabling patients to feel more confident in social settings.

If you have only minor jaw misalignments that aren’t causing you pain—but don’t give you the appearance you wish to have—cosmetic dentistry might be the solution.

3. Upper Jaw Expanders

People who have underbites (their lower jaw extends further than their top teeth) are sometimes given jaw expanders. In these cases, a wire-framed device fits into the top palate of the mouth, similar to a retainer. Each night, it gets widened a tiny bit with a special key until, eventually, the upper jaw widens in a way that it fits in proper position slightly beyond the lower jaw.

4. Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery may be needed when the jaw is severely misaligned. In these situations, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon uses materials such as plates, screws, and wires to bring the jaw into correct form. Surgery is only recommended in situations where the patient’s normal functions, such as eating and speaking, are disrupted by the out-of-place jaw.

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