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In addition to worrying about your comfort, our warm and professional team offers state-of-art treatments and technologies. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve all of your dental health goals. To do this, we have high-tech devices to provide you with quality care.

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Dre Nathalie Kadoch Dental Center

Your dentist in LaSalle

Are you looking for a dentist in LaSalle? Great! We offer our patients a full range of dental care to avoid multiple appointments all over the city. Our dental clinic is located in LaSalle and is easily accessible by car, has ample free parking and is within walking distance of a bus stop to the Angrignon metro station.

Your comfort is important to us, which is why our premises are arranged in bright and comfortable rooms. In order to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, we also offer fresh coffee and fruit as well as free WIFI access and a play area for toddlers.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you suffer from a sudden toothache or if you suffered an accident. Our dental clinic offers emergency openings to our patients to relieve them quickly.

Welcome to the Dre Nathalie Kadoch Dental Center website and have a great visit!

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Dental care according to your budget and reality

We are recognized for our honesty, our kindness and our delicacy. We are always attentive to our patients in order to be able to offer them appropriate dental care while respecting their budget. We also offer financing plans. Contact us for more information

A comprehensive approach

Meet a dentist, our dental services

All dental care, or almost, is performed at our dental center. From basic treatment to more advanced treatments. Whether it’s for yourself or for the whole family, know that we have only one idea in mind, to make you smile!

Teeth Whitening

Give yourself a gift and a smile like you've always dreamed of!

Root canal

A tooth is too damaged? Root canal treatment can save it.


Don't let bruxism ruin your nights sleep and damage your teeth.


It is important to have your wisdom teeth checked. Often they cause problems!


Fast and amazing quality dental crown. Contact us for more information.


Toothache, broken tooth, oral abscess? Let us relieve you quickly!

Dental exam &

Obviously, our services include complete dental exam, pediatric dentistry and tooth extraction. The more advanced treatments like root canal, dental implant or surgery, among others, are all done gently and calmly. We recommend prevention above all which will avoid more complex and expensive dental care.

Invisalign for everyone

Invisalign, the alternative to traditional braces

You may have heard about this new, invisible orthodontic technique, which consists in using transparent aligners. This method is as effective an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment, but it offers many more benefits.

Dentiste a LaSalle - Dentist in LaSalle - Centre dentaire Dre Nathalie Kadoch (Invisalign 1)
Dentiste a LaSalle - Dentist in LaSalle - Centre dentaire Dre Nathalie Kadoch (Invisalign 2)
Dentiste a LaSalle - Dentist in LaSalle - Centre dentaire Dre Nathalie Kadoch (Invisalign 3)
Dentiste a LaSalle - Dentist in LaSalle - Centre dentaire Dre Nathalie Kadoch (Invisalign 4)

Dental emergencies

Dental pain and incidents can happen quickly. It’s important to consult a dentist as soon as symptoms appear. At Centre Dentaire Dre Nathalie Kadoch, we can see you quickly.

Do you have sore teeth or gums, a broken tooth, or swelling or bleeding? In any case, contact us promptly if you notice anything abnormal in your oral condition.

When you call, our team will be able to give you advice to reduce any pain you’re experiencing and promote healing.

Our dental clinic offers extended opening hours for daytime and evening appointments. We can often see you on the same day or arrange an appointment at short notice. Our team will make sure to give you the best advice over the phone and will provide you with the same attention when you come to the clinic. Whether you’re a client of our clinic or not, contact us if you need fast relief.

Full mouth

Solution to problems affecting your whole mouth