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Missing Teeth May Increase Dementia

You obviously know that your teeth play an important role in your day-to-day functioning, but have you ever stopped to think about what kind of danger you might be in if your teeth are missing?

Since our facility is the dental center Lachine patients trust with their oral healthcare needs, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the potential correlation between missing teeth and dementia.

The Link Between Tooth Loss and Dementia

Recent studies indicate people with fewer teeth had an increased risk of dementia, which strongly backs up the case that oral health is died to brain health, as well.

There are several reasons tooth loss and dementia may be linked, and research is still ongoing to determine more closely-linked factors. Some suggestions include the fact that tooth loss may be indicative of other negative lifestyle choices, such as drinking and smoking, which are known to have detrimental effects on the human brain.

It’s also thought that the inflammation produced by periodontitis (advanced gingivitis) may actually be aggravating patients’ neurological systems. In other words, the bacteria that’s produced from severe gum disease could actually be finding itself into the brain by way of the bloodstream, which it enters through damaged gum tissue.

Further Negative Impacts on the Brain from Tooth Loss

Beyond direct impacts to the bloodstream and brain, patients who experience tooth loss often have difficulty eating, either because it’s painful or because they’re not able to properly chew natural foods that deliver optimal nutrition. Fruits and vegetables, for example, contain an assortment of nutrients the brain needs to stay fit and healthy. People who are missing teeth may not be able to eat raw produce, depriving their bodies of substantial vitamins and minerals.

Protein is also an essential component for positive brain health. Although protein can be obtained from non-animal sources such as tofu, many high-protein foods require the use of teeth to ensure the food can be swallowed and digested. Even nuts such as almonds and cashews, which are notably high in protein, need to be chewed.

People who are missing teeth are likely missing out on the nutritional value afforded by a well-rounded diet of fruits, veggies, and proteins.

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