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You Can’t Afford the Cost of Missing Your Schedule with the Dentist

You might think that skipping your regular dental cleanings keeps a little extra money in your pocket. While that might be true at the particular moment, the truth is you’ll be paying a lot more in the long run if your dentist needs to deal with problems that could have otherwise been minimized – or maybe even prevented altogether.

So, how much can a missed dental appointment really cost you? Let’s take a look at some of the negative situations that could occur if you neglect your semi-annual cleanings:

1. Crowns Are Quite Costly

Our dental clinic in Montreal has placed crowns into many patients’ mouths. Crowns are usually needed when a tooth has decayed to the point that a simple filling can’t do the trick because there’s not enough enamel left to hold filling material.

If you’ve skipped several regular cleanings, you might have just had a small cavity that could’ve been filled (or maybe you wouldn’t have had any issues at all); however, as the decay has time to spread and eat away at the formerly healthy tooth, the cost to remedy the situation increases. Crowns can easily cost over $1,000 a piece.

2. Dental Implants Can Cost Thousands of Dollars

Although the actual cost of an individual’s dental implant will always be as unique as the person who’s receiving the implant, it’s usually a fair bet to assume even a single implant will cost several thousand dollars.

A single dental implant can ultimately cost between USD $1,500 and $6,000 (Can$2,000 to 8,000)  after the surgery, abutment, and crown are added together.

Dental implants are often necessary when a patient’s mouth has incurred significant tooth decay or gingivitis (gum disease) makes it impossible for the natural tooth to maintain its place in the gums. Regular dental cleanings remove the plaque and bacteria that are known to cause both of these issues.

3. The Pain Associated with Root Canals Might Hurt Worse Than Your Wallet

Not all costs are associated with an actual invoice. While some dental procedures are quite costly, the pain most patients who need root canals experience comes at its own expense. Bear in mind, the actual root canal will alleviate the pain patients feel before they visit their dentists.

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