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Do Dental Crowns Expire?

When you get a dental crown, you expect it to be there for a very long time. Fortunately, that’s usually true! Generally speaking, dental crowns can last between five and 15 years, but there is no expiration date, so to speak, so they can certainly last longer if they’re well-cared for and don’t incur any unexpected damage along the way.

What is a Dental Crown?

Before we talk about the life expectancy of a dental crown, we should discuss what it is. Dental crowns are made of ceramic, porcelain, or other materials that are sturdy and able to withstand biting, chewing, and talking. They’re put in place when a tooth is too damaged or decayed for a filling.

When you get a crown, your dentist will drill away the unhealthy part of your tooth, leaving a post on which the molded material will be fitted. The crown is shaped and colored to match the rest of your teeth, so it will look and feel natural when it’s put into place.

Why Do People Need Dental Crowns?

Some people are genetically predisposed to having weaker tooth enamel, which can decay easily and cause teeth to be unable to sustain the elements necessary for good health. Other people might have poor oral health habits that lend themselves to a buildup of bacteria, which can cause decay.

In either case, crowns are restorative tools that help protect the inner material (dentin and pulp) while ensuring the patient has a beautiful smile that he or she can be proud of.

Why Don’t Dental Crowns Last Forever?

For starters, some do! If you take really good care of your teeth and practice proper oral hygiene, your crown might last a lifetime. If it needs to be replaced after five or ten years, however, that doesn’t mean your dentist did anything wrong.

Often decay and damage can occur beneath the crown or on the gum line. In these situations, the crown might need to be replaced, or you might need a root canal or dental implant to remedy the damage that’s been done. While the crown itself can’t decay, the natural tooth matter that lives beneath it is still subject to the bacteria that can eat away at it.

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