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What Are Prepless Veneers

Have you considered getting dental veneers? If your teeth are discolored, chipped, naturally misshapen, or have suffered excessive wear and tear over the years, veneers can help restore your teeth and give you a smile you’ll be proud to show the world.

As the dentist clinic Montreal residents trust, our team at Centre Dentaire often helps our patients achieve beautiful smiles through the application of cosmetic dentistry. Sometimes, our patients request prepless veneers, but many people aren’t candidates for this particular type of cosmetic dentistry.

Why? Let’s take a look!

What’s the Difference Between Standard Veneers and Prepless Veneers?

By definition, “veneer” simply means a layer of coating that goes over an existing substance. In the dental world, veneers are layers of super thin porcelain that are placed over the existing tooth enamel to improve the look of a person’s smile.

Although this layer is incredibly thin, just a small addition to a person’s tooth can usually cause a number of problems, making them too big to look natural or impeding on proper alignments and bite mechanics. This is why prepping of standard veneers is usually necessary.

Prepping requires the dental technician to grind down the top layer of the tooth to make room for the layers of porcelain that’ll be placed over the enamel. Doing so ensures the final result will be natural looking and won’t interfere with the patient’s other teeth or cause other problems.

Prepless veneers, on the other hand, don’t require any buffing of the existing enamel; they’re simply applied to the tooth directly. Patients who are eligible for prepless veneers have already had the prepping done by Mother Nature; that is to say, they’re already small enough to have an additional layer put on them without necessitating any drilling or retrofitting by dental technicians.

Could You Be a Candidate for Prepless Veneers?

Although most people will need some prep work in order to get a proper fit and feel from their new veneers, some people are great candidates for the prepless option. You might be eligible for prepless veneers if:

  • Your teeth are naturally small;
  • Your teeth are shaped in such a way that there would be enough space between them after the veneers are applied;
  • There would be enough room for a proper bite after the procedure is finished.

Your dentist will determine if you’re a good candidate for prepless veneers.

Dre Nathalie Kadoch and her team are proud to be the dentist clinic Montreal patients come to when they need cosmetic solutions to improve their smiles. Learn about our advanced treatment options by scheduling an initial consultation today!