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Common Prejudices About Going to the Dentist (and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them)

It’s not uncommon for people to be afraid of going to the dentist. In fact, it might actually be more common for people to have fear than to be relaxed about this particular profession.

Fortunately, you really have nothing to fear than fear itself. Here are some common prejudices about going to the dentist (and why you shouldn’t believe them):

1. Your Dentist Will Judge You if Your Teeth Need Help

This is a popular misconception, and it’s one that can often keep people from seeking the oral health assistance they truly need.

In fact, your dentist won’t judge you. Dentists are highly trained medical professionals who have seen a lot of different types of problems in patients’ mouths. They understand that many people need help understanding proper hygiene or may have incurred damage over the years that needs to be corrected. That’s what they’re there for!

2. Dentists Love Causing Pain

Nothing could be further from the truth! Your dentist invests a lot of money to ensure she has the best technologies available to ensure your visit is as pain-free as possible.

Proper preventative care can help you eliminate the problems that can happen if your teeth are left uncared for, but that doesn’t mean you should forego the dentist all together if it’s been a while. In fact, that’s all the more reason to make an appointment so you can get checked out and ensure any pain you are experiencing (which usually starts long before patients arrive in the dental chair) is addressed.

If you do feel pain during your visit, your dentist will likely ask her assistant to apply a numbing medicine to your mouth.

It’s worth noting that our team at Centre Dentaire is so committed to our patients’ comfort that we provide TVs to keep your mind focused on less scary situations while we work.

3. Dental Care is Too Costly

Getting regular checkups (every six months) can help prevent a lot of the more expensive dental care that can be necessary if your teeth have been neglected. With that said, the sooner you see your dentist, the sooner she can help you work on a dental plan that’s best for your unique needs.

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