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The Proper Brushing Techniques – A Refresher

Brushing your teeth seems like a simple enough task, right? You put some toothpaste on the bristles and go to town. Before you know it, your mouth is refreshed and ready to go.

Well, that’s the short story, but there’s actually a technique to brushing your teeth properly. At our downtown Montreal dental office, our goal is to help our patients understand how to brush their teeth the right way so they incur fewer cavities and other oral health issues.

Need a refresher? Let’s take a look!

1. Start at a 45-Degree Angle

You might be surprised to learn that the angle of your toothbrush actually does matter. By situating it at a 45-degree angle to your gum line, you’ll enable the bristles to get between the teeth and as close to the gums as possible so they can access the food and plaque that can cause tooth decay and bad breath.

2. Push the Brush Back and Forth

Gently move the brush back and forth, maintaining the 45-degree angle. It’s important to ensure you’re covering the entire surface with tooth-wide strokes.

3. Tilt the Brush Vertically

A vertical tip will allow you to get inside the surfaces of your front teeth, removing bacteria and stuck-on food.

4. Sing a Song

Okay, maybe you can’t sing since you’ll have a toothbrush in your mouth, but you can still hum. The ideal brushing time is two minutes, twice a day. Hum your favorite song to keep track of time, or turn your timer on so you don’t stop brushing until your two minutes is up.

Don’t forget to do this at least twice a day—in the morning and just before bed. If you consume sweets or acidic items, such as coffee or wine, brush your teeth after you finish to ensure your enamel is as protected as possible.

5. Follow Up with Floss

Brushing’s only half the battle. Even the best bristles can’t get between every nook and cranny. Floss is the job-finisher that’ll make sure there’s nothing leftover that could cause your teeth and gums harm in the long run.

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