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Yet Another New Year’s Dental Resolutions

How did the end of the year get here so fast?! It seems like just yesterday, we were jotting down our commitments for 2018; somehow, New Year’s resolution time has arrived once again.

Don’t worry; as a holistic dental office in Montreal, we don’t believe in outrageous commitments that’ll be yesterday’ news before Groundhog Day rolls around. Instead, your oral health partners at our Dental Center in Lachine came up with a few totally doable dental resolutions that’ll help ensure your selfie smile still looks spectacular when the ball drops in 2020.

1. Keep Disposable Toothbrushes in Your Office Drawer

With disposable toothbrushes, you don’t have to worry about gross bacteria building up when your toothbrush is laying in the dark corners of your desk’s storage spaces. Instead, you simply give your mouth a once-over with a fresh, clean brush, and toss it in the trash.

Now, you have no excuses to not brush your teeth after team luncheons.

2. Schedule Both Semi-Annual Dental Cleanings as Soon as the Holidays are Over

Once the chaos of the season settles down, make both of your six-month appointments so they’re on your calendar. It’s easier to stay committed when they’ve already been scheduled. Plus, this way, you know you won’t fall behind schedule.

3. Up Your Flossing Ante

Sure, you may tell your dentist you floss twice a day, every single day, but is that really the truth?

Flossing tends to be one of the most frequent fibs most oral healthcare professionals hear on a regular basis.

If you’re guilty of flossing fables, take this moment to increase the time you spend with the waxed string.

4. Stop It with the Cigarettes

We know; this isn’t exactly a revolution in New Year’s resolutions, but it’s an important one that deserves to be driven home at every possible opportunity.

Smoking isn’t only bad for your lungs; it can also cause throat and mouth cancer. Cigarette and cigar smoke is also responsible for creating dry mouth, which, as mentioned above, contributes to tooth decay.

To alleviate the cravings for nicotine, make sure you’ve got coping mechanisms on hand. Speak to your doctor about cessation tools and strategies.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to find a holistic dentist in Montreal, look no further! Our team at Centre Dentaire is excited to help our new patients realize their New Year’s dreams for stunning smiles. Check out our full menu of dentistry services!