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What’s the Future of Dental Technology

It’s no secret that technology runs our world these days. While some industries have staved off the need to upgrade their tools and processes over the years, dentists have always looked for ways to incorporate cutting-edge technology that makes the experience better for their patients.

If you’re wondering what’s going on in the world of dentistry, be on the lookout for the following technologies to be coming to a Lachine dentist near you very soon!

Digital Impressions

Tired of biting down on plates of goo when you need to have impressions made? Soon, this will be a practice of the past.

Digital impressions utilize intraoral scanners to create computerized renderings of patients’ mouths. This technology takes dozens—if not hundreds or thousands—of images in a matter of seconds, enabling dentists to see the full picture without putting their patients in the path of pain or discomfort. The end results are renderings far more accurate than traditional impressions could ever be.

3D Printing

3D printing is an astounding feat all by itself. It’s a little crazy to think that people can print practically anything these days, but soon, you’ll find a Lachine dentist who’s doing just that!

In dentistry, 3D printing is starting to be used for everything from crowns to dentures. The benefits to patients are significant. When restorative elements can be printed in-house, the procedures can often be done in a single appointment. When the work has to be outsourced to dental labs, patients have to come back for a second session.

This also helps cut down cost because the dentist doesn’t have to pay a third-party lab—the expense of which would otherwise be passed onto the patient.

Cloud-Based Electronic Healthcare Records

You may not realize it, but dentists have an incredible view of the overall health of your body. They’re able to assess potential risks of heart disease, diabetes, and other unhealthy situations.

Currently, most dental health records are stored on internal servers. Cloud-based dental computing is surfacing quickly, though, enabling dentists to access vital health information anytime, from any place.

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