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3 Key Issues that Will Define Dentistry in the Next Year

Every industry has its trend – even dentistry. In the coming year, dental professionals will encounter a number of interesting evolutions, which means dentists’ patients will, too.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the key issues that will define dentistry for our patients in Verdun, Lasalle, Lachine, and surrounding communities:

1. Canada’s Dental Insurance Landscape is Shifting

The dental health system in Canada has far greater inequalities than the general health sector. In the next year, key advocates will be working toward gaining a more level ground for all Canadians where their oral health is concerned.

If petitioners and practitioners have their way, people with the most dire needs will be able to be seen by dental professionals shortly after they begin to experience problems, or, better yet, before problems occur. After all, prevention is the best medicine to any ailment.

2. The Patient Experience Will Take Precedence

Naturally, if you’ve already been visiting our dental office in Lasalle, you know that we always put our patients first. But this is, unfortunately, not something every dental practice does.

This year, you can expect more dental providers to be patient-centric, offering atmospheres that calm nervous people from the front door to the chair, offering as much transparency as possible, and implementing top-of-the-line technology to ensure optimal comfort at every step.

The focus will be on quality patient care, with specific attention to a wide array of options patients can receive from a single office. Dentists will broaden their horizons without neglecting their specialties.

This is an awesome time to be a dental patient in Canada!

3. Patient Engagement Will be Better than Ever Before

Of course, your dentist will always provide you with optimal oral care, but what else is there?

In the coming months, you can expect dentistry to find its way onto online platforms, ushering in a brand new patient experience that promotes ease-of-access and awesome ways to connect directly to your dental care provider.

For example, our patients in Lasalle and surrounding areas are able to shoot us an email, offering their availability. Our front office staff quickly takes to the task of finding appointments that fit our patients’ needs.

Without any undue stress, they’re scheduled and ready to come in for a cleaning, exam, or consultation.


Don’t think of dentistry as a scary thing you’re required to do; think of it as a way to meet an awesome doctor who’s charged with giving you the best smile you can possibly show the world!

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