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Dental bridge

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Dental bridge

Bridges are used when patients have multiple teeth missing. The bridge replaces the gap, putting a crown at the end of each place where there aren’t teeth. Bridges are important because, if you have several missing teeth, the remaining teeth can begin to shift their location inside your mouth. This can cause problems with eating, drinking, and speaking.

Additionally, if you have missing teeth, the gaps can actually cause your facial structure to change, as your jawbone and the surrounding tendons aren’t being supported properly.

Once they’ve been put into place, bridges function like your natural teeth.

Fill the space

A dental bridge, which is a fixed partial denture, can be used to fill the space created by one or more missing teeth. It is custom-made to match your remaining teeth and offer a natural look.

The bridge is supported by two crowns placed on the adjacent healthy teeth and has one or several crowns fused together that replace the missing teeth. The bridge can also be attached to dental implants if the adjacent teeth are not healthy.

Why get a dental bridge?

Several problems are linked to missing teeth. For example, adjacent teeth may shift and interfere with the alignment of your teeth, which can be uncomfortable when you eat, drink, or speak. This can even lead to digestive problems.

Getting a dental bridge can restore the appearance of your teeth and keep them functional. Do you have missing teeth? Ask for advice to find the best solution!

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