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Restauration dentaire - Centre dentaire Nathalie Kadoch

Restorative Care

We don’t realize how important teeth are in our daily lives until they fall out. First, self-confidence takes a hit. Then, you realize that eating becomes a little more complicated. Eventually, tooth loss can increase the risk of disease and even cause bone loss.

Centre Dentaire Dre Nathalie Kadoch offers several restorative solutions in case of a cavity or a fallen tooth.

Why restore a tooth?

In the case of a cavity, restoration is essential to prevent a tooth from falling! If the nerve is not affected, the tooth can easily be saved with a filling. If the nerve is affected, the tooth needs to be devitalized. In this case, a crown can be used to preserve a tooth that is more damaged without the need to have it removed. You can therefore retain the full functionality and structure of your tooth.

Unfortunately, tooth loss is sometimes unavoidable. You may not feel any pain, or you may tell yourself that you can easily live with a missing tooth. However, keeping a tooth unrestored can have various consequences:

  • Adjacent teeth may shift;
  • You may experience bone loss;
  • Mastication and digestion may be affected;
  • Your speech may change.

Tooth restoration is much more than just aesthetic! It’s the best way to maintain your overall health. If you’ve lost one or more teeth, a number of options are available, including bridges and implants. In the first case, crowns are attached to the adjacent healthy teeth, and a crown in between replaces the missing tooth. In the second case, the root is replaced by an implant, and a crown is attached to it.

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