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joyeuses Fêtes - season greetings - Centre dentaire Nathalie Kadoch a LaSalle

Season’s Greetings from the Entire Team!

Centre Dentaire Dr. Nathalie Kadoch would like to extend its best wishes for this holiday season and the new year that is almost upon us. May this festive season bring joy, sharing and treasured moments with your loved ones. We hope your smiles shine as brightly as the twinkling lights around us!

We’d also like to offer a few tips on how to keep your teeth healthy during this time of indulgence, so keep reading!

Tips for a sparkling smile

The holiday season is yours to enjoy and spoil yourself. It’s also a time to relax, so we may not always fully keep up with our good habits. However, health doesn’t take a break. Sweet treats always contribute to the formation of plaque and tartar, which are responsible for the development of caries and gingivitis, and red wine is a classic culprit of stained teeth.

Our number-one tip is to brush your teeth after each meal or, if you can’t, rinse your mouth or nibble on some raw veggies, which helps clean your teeth. This will help prevent sugary residue (or tannin) from staying on your teeth too long and causing damage. Also, try to be careful about snacking at all hours.

After a night out or a party, the only thing you think about may be to go directly to bed. But don’t neglect brushing and flossing; a few minutes can make all the difference to your health.

We invite you to book your next appointment now if you haven’t done so already! Dr. Nathalie Kadoch and her team wish you a happy holiday season! We look forward to seeing you in 2024 for another year of bright smiles!