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Les risques de retarder votre examen et nettoyage dentaire Centre dentaire Nathalie Kadoch a LaSalle

Risks Associated with Postponing Your Dental Exam and Cleaning

When we’re busy or looking to save money, the dentist often takes a back seat. Unfortunately, postponing your dental exam and cleaning appointments may cost you much more in the long run.

Keep reading to find out what the risks are, but in any case, Centre Dentaire Dre Nathalie Kadoch urges you to book your next appointment if you’re overdue.

Tartar buildup and diseases

Brushing your teeth daily helps remove a large amount of plaque, but not all of it. Residual plaque turns into tartar, a hardened buildup that can only be removed by the dentist. Tartar can be responsible for diseases such as gingivitis and, eventually, periodontitis.

These oral problems are hardly noticeable in the beginning, but they can cause a lot of pain when they reach a more advanced stage. They can also cost a lot of money to treat. Cleaning is the best way to prevent these problems.

Problems that fly under the radar

Dental examinations allow us to detect problems before symptoms appear. Even if you feel your mouth is perfectly healthy, you may have early tooth decay or gingivitis. We can suggest an inexpensive, minimally invasive treatment or simply give you advice on how to have it treated.

Again, it’s a good choice for your health as well as your wallet. Remember that your oral health is closely linked to your general health. Neglecting your mouth is the same as neglecting your health.

Finally, by postponing your preventive appointments, you run the risk of having to seek emergency care, something we don’t wish on anyone!

To avoid pain, preserve your teeth and save money over the long term, book your next dental exam and cleaning appointment as soon as possible.