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Does Fasting Improve Oral Health?

A lot of people rely on fasting as a way to lose weight. During times of fasting, they’re not eating, which means they’re not taking in sugars or other substances that can turn into fat within their bodies.

In concerns of oral health, fasting also has a number of health benefits. Those same sugars that would otherwise turn into fat in the body can also cause erosion to tooth enamel. By refraining from eating for intermittent periods of time, you can give your mouth a break and help your body rebuild the protective substances, such as saliva, that keep your teeth and gums in optimal condition.

Keeping Plaque Away

Food is one of the main causes of plaque. While there are certainly genetic conditions that can cause some people to be more susceptible to plaque and gingivitis than others, food is often a common thread among people who endure periodontal disease.

When food particles get stuck in the gum line, they begin to accumulate bacteria. That bacteria eventually turns into plaque, which then works its way into the gum line and causes damage to oral tissue.

By the nature of fasting, food isn’t being consumed, so there’s nothing to get stuck in the gums. As long as proper brushing and flossing continue during the fasting period, patients will likely experience a cleaner mouth that’s freed of the debris that can cause problems.

A 16- to 24-hour fast can help provide the type of detox your mouth needs to ensure leftover particles are removed in a timely manner.

Steering Clear of Sugars

Sugar has long been known to be an enemy of tooth enamel. It’s found in a lot more places than most people realize. Besides the obvious candy bars and coffee creamers, sugar lives in fruits and even some vegetables.

Keeping sugar off your teeth will help them stay sturdy and strong. Fasting facilitates this because you’re not ingesting anything at all (except water, of course).

Balancing the Microbiome

The microbiome is the place in your body where microorganisms and bacteria come together to create a healthy body. Imbalances in the microbiome (or belly) can cause bad breath and other oral health problems. Fasting stabilizes the microbiome.

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