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What Your Teeth Reveal About Your Overall Health

You already know that your smile is the window into your soul. If you’re frowning, sad, or crying, people react far differently than if you’re beaming with brightness from ear to ear. Your smile (or frown) is the first, most obvious way people can assess your health by looking at your mouth. Your dentist has a ton of other health cues that can help her diagnose more serious situations relating to your entire body.

When patients visit our Verdun dental clinic, we take time to evaluate their overall health, including cues their mouths provide that could be indicative of bigger damage.


People who have HIV or AIDs typically have a number of lesions inside their mouths. If your dentist suspects you might be a patient with either of these autoimmune diseases, she’ll likely explain why it’s important to get further testing right away.


Diabetics are often unable to battle infection like otherwise healthy people can. In the mouth, gum disease frequently acts as a sign. If you have trouble controlling your blood sugar levels, regular periodontal care is imperative to ensuring your mouth remains as healthy as possible.

Cardiovascular Disease

Many people are surprised to learn how much knowledge a dentist can have over patients’ entire bodies. Oral bacteria, infections, and inflammation of the gum can certainly point to major heart problems, including cardiovascular disease, clogged arteries, and the potential for a stroke. Listen to your oral care provider. She’ll point you to the right facilities around LaSalle so you can take care of your entire body, from head to toe to heart.


When bacteria flows from your mouth through your bloodstream, it often finds its way to the heart. Bad bacteria can attach itself to otherwise healthy tissues, damaging the heart’s walls and arteries.

Regular dental checkups are imperative for a number of reasons. Besides the fact that it’s important to have fresh, clean breath and a mouth that’s free of disease, your doctor is also trained to be a proactive professional, who can help you identify and treat serious health conditions that go far below the gum line.

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