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Commencer la rentrée scolaire avec un nettoyage et examen dentaire  Centre dentaire Nathalie Kadoch

Schedule a dental cleaning and exam to start the school year with a smile!

Dental exam for your kids

Summer goes by so fast! Whether you are in school or have kids in school, it’s always a good idea to try to start the school year off right. This means getting proactive early on so you’re not left behind at the starting line!

Getting a picture of the situation

It’s no secret: things can quickly get busy during the school year. A dental problem in the middle of the school year can lead to time and financial constraints. Take advantage of the summer break to relax and get a head start!

Discovering a potential oral health problem early on can give you peace of mind for the rest of the school year as you can plan ahead for it and book appointments in advance around your schedule. And if there are no problems, all the better!

A good dental cleaning to get off to a good start

Dental cleaning is essential. It removes plaque buildup on your teeth. Professional cleaning once in a while (the recommendation is every six months) is sufficient to prevent the most common oral problems, including tartar buildup.

Your children’s summer—and yours—may have included a bunch of sweets and other yummy treats as well as several visits to your local creamery. That made for happy taste buds, but it may not have been all that good for your teeth! Why not start the school year knowing that a professional dental cleaning has been completed?

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