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Gift certificate to the dentist


 A gift certificate to the dentist for Christmas? Why not! Admittedly, it doesn’t seem very exciting at first glance. But this gift could make someone much happier than you might think! Christmas is a time to get together—although in small groups this time around—and spoil your loved ones. Why not contribute to their health this year? Here are some gift ideas for a healthy smile.

Brilliant white teeth for Christmas!

Have you thought about your newly single sister, your teenage kid, or even your mom? They may have been thinking about improving the appearance of their smiles for some time now. This gift might just help your sister find her soul mate, your teen smile more often, or your mom feel even more beautiful. A gift certificate for teeth whitening is sure to make a lot of people happy!

Gift for sports enthusiasts

Did you know that contact sports are a leading cause of jaw and tooth injuries? Help your favourite athletes protect their smiles by giving them a custom-made mouth guard. You can even customize it with your team’s colours and logo!

Tech gift

An electric toothbrush is the perfect gift for the tech lover in your family! We suggest you choose a rechargeable model that offers gentle brushing with a synthetic bristle brush and rotating movements. Feel free to contact us for advice!

The entire team at Centre Dentaire Dre Nathalie Kadoch would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful time with your loved ones and the very best during this joyous holiday season.