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How Long Should You Use a Toothbrush?

There are certain necessities you use everyday: handsoap, shampoo, toothpaste, and your toothbrush, for example. Most of these items tell you when it’s time to replace them because they run out. Your toothbrush, however, can go on forever if you aren’t paying attention to how long you use it.

As the dentiste Lasalle residents come to when they need dental cleanings or help with oral pain, Dre Nathalie Kadoch and her team work hard to educate their patients on proper toothbrush usage. With this in mind, let’s explore how long you should really use a toothbrush (and when you need to consider replacing it).

Quarterly Replacements

Assuming you brush your teeth at least twice a day (which is the minimal recommended brushing for healthy teeth and gums), you should swap your toothbrush out at least every three to four months. In essence, think of it as a seasonal item that needs to be replaced when spring transitions into fall, fall becomes winter, etcetera.

When the Bristles Bend

Your toothbrush might wear out quicker than quarterly, depending on how often you use the brush, the types of materials in your mouth (such as fillings), and the shape of your teeth. If you notice your bristles start to bend, you’re not cleaning between your teeth and gums effectively, so your efforts are going in vain. When the bristles stop standing up on their own, it’s time to trash your toothbrush in favor of a new one, no matter how long it’s been since you swapped out your oral health tool.

Why Do You Need to Change Your Toothbrush?

By default, your toothbrush is tasked with a pretty dirty job. It has to get between your teeth and take on the gross stuff that lives on the enamel, brushing away plaque and bacteria that can cause bad things to happen to your teeth. Although it’s protected with toothpaste, and you presumably rinse your toothbrush after every session, some of that bacteria can build up on the bristles. In effect, you can spread those substances back into your mouth if you’re not swapping out your toothbrush at regular intervals.

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