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Thee Problems Your Dentist Can Fix in One Visit

People come to our Montreal dental center with all sorts of issues. Sometimes, they just need regular cleanings. Other times, they’re experiencing severe pain or discomfort. Many times, patients fall somewhere in between and don’t know exactly what they need or how their dentist can help them.

Often, people put off coming to our Montreal dental center because they think they’ll need to come back multiple times to fix an issue. While that’s certainly true some of the time, there are many dental oral health issues we can fix in a single visit. Here are three!

1. Swollen or Bleeding Gums

Swollen and bleeding gums are often caused from a buildup of plaque, which turns into tartar. This sticky bacterial film attaches itself to the gumline and eats away at the enamel of the teeth, causing inflammation and irritability of the gums as it does its work.

Gingivitis, when caught in its early stages, can often be remedied or alleviated with a simple cleaning. Your dentist’s tools are far more accurate and thorough than at-home devices. Using scraping tools, your dentist and hygienist can eliminate the plaque that’s causing the discord in your mouth. After the swelling goes down, the problem usually disappears. From there, as long as you practice proper oral hygiene, your gums should be happy and healthy.

2. Chipped Teeth

Any number of incidents can cause chipped teeth. If your enamel is weak, biting down on a hard substance can cause the crack. If you’ve been in an accident or had an unfortunate encounter with a hard object that landed near your mouth (such as a baseball), you could easily have a chipped tooth.

Chipped teeth are typically fixed using a bonding composite that fills in the missing area. If the damage is significant, you might need a crown or veneer, but many times, a one-stop visit will take care of it with a little resin.

3. Tooth Sensitivity

If hot or cold substances bother you, special toothpastes can block the tubules in the dentin (the inside part of your teeth) from receiving the messages that tell your brain something hurts. Fluoride gels and other desensitizing agents can quickly remedy much of the discomfort that patients who have tooth sensitivity experience.


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