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Cracked Mouth Corners can be Irritating – Here’s How to Treat Them

Have you ever experienced cracked skin in the corners of your mouth? If so, you’re no stranger to the pain this situation can cause. Besides the fact that you probably won’t want to smile because the sores can be unsightly, the simple acts of eating and drinking can be incredibly agonizing.

As a trusted Montreal dentist, Dre Nathalie Kadoch has seen this type of irritation many times in her years of practice. If you’re dealing with angular cheilitis (red, swollen, chapped corners on the outside of the mouth), here are some tips from Dre Kadoch and her team that might help:

  1. Topical Anti-Fungal Medications

Cracked corners of the mouth are often the result of bacterial or fungal infections—many of which can be treated with topical solutions prescribed by your doctor or dentist. Many times, yeast is responsible for the problems people encounter when their lips begin to crack in the corners. Putting these living organisms in their place with prescription solutions will help minimize their populations and bring your lips back to a healthy, happy life.

  1. Coconut Oil

To avoid chapped lips and overly dry corners of your mouth, try applying a bit of coconut oil to your skin just before you go to sleep. This natural substance helps to create a barrier between your skin and the saliva, which may otherwise be drying your skin out when you’re sleeping (especially if you drool when your head is on your pillow).

  1. Topical Antiseptics

Any time you have open wounds, you need to tend to them carefully. This is especially important around the mouth since the things you eat and drink could affect the way your body reacts to the sensitive, chafed skin on your lips.

Topical antiseptics help keep the wounds clean so they’re able to heal more quickly. Be sure to avoid spicy foods and things that could irritate the skin while it’s generating new cells. Stick to bland food, smoothies, and entrees that don’t have a lot of salt in them so you won’t dry your skin out further.

  1. Hydration

Water is such an important element to our overall well-being. If your skin is cracking, be sure to increase your water intake so you can hydrate all the essential cells in your body.

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