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What to Eat After Teeth Removal

It’s quite common for people to have their teeth removed. Often times, patients need to have their wisdom teeth extracted to prevent their other teeth from becoming crowded in their mouths. There are other reasons patients may need to see a Montreal dentist to have their teeth removed, too. Periodontal disease, for example, can sometimes necessitate the removal of a tooth if a patient’s gums have become too weak.

No matter the reason a person needs to have their teeth removed, the end result will be similar across all situations: a hole in the gums that makes it difficult to eat. If you’ll soon be having your teeth extracted, it’s important to stick with soft foods for at least a few days after the procedure. (Your dentist might recommend longer, depending on your unique situation.)

Here are a few ideas to help you plan your post-extraction menu:

1. Smoothies

Don’t underestimate the beauty of a great smoothie. These liquid vessels offer the perfect way to get plenty of protein and nutrients into your body without putting unnecessary stress on your mouth. There are thousands of fruit-and-veggie combinations that work well when they’re mixed together in a blender.

Be sure to drink directly from your glass; straws can cause unforeseen discomfort after teeth extractions.

2. Soup

Soup is another excellent way to fill your body with much-needed elements without enduring the pain that can come from solid foods.

Steer clear of soups that contain chunks of meat or large vegetable pieces. Instead, opt for pureed options that contain plenty of healthy ingredients without the hard-to-eat elements.

3. Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are filled with energy-providing protein that can fuel you through your morning. (They’re also a great rule-breaker if you want to eat breakfast for dinner!)

We know more than one Montreal dentist who would highly recommend serving up a solid portion of scrambled eggs after a tooth extraction. They’re soft and don’t really require any chewing. Plus, they’re easy to make and can actually be quite diverse if you use a little creativity in the skillet. Use yogurt instead of milk for an extra zing, add cheese to bolster the flavor profile, or add some refried beans to round out a hearty meal that won’t hurt when you eat it.

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