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I Don’t Smoke But I Vape – Is It Healthier?

Vaping has quickly gone from a thing nobody’s heard about to something a lot of people are doing (or considering doing). If you’re trying to quit smoking, vaping may be a good alternative to help you break the habit that comes along with the cancer-causing ingredients found in cigarettes. With regards to oral health, vaping might be healthier than smoking in some aspects, but it’s still not a healthy habit to pick up, particularly if you’re currently smoke-free. Centre Dentaire is the dental clinic Montreal residents trust for advice on matters concerning their oral care needs.

Vaping vs. Smoking: The Facts

Before you take on the assumption that vaping is better than smoking, it’s best to dig into the research. When patients ask us about this topic in our Montreal dental clinic, we point to the facts. There are other quit methods that don’t require your lungs to inhale anything at all, such as nicotine gum, patches, and hypnotherapy.

Several years ago, many studies pointed to the fact that vaping did help people quit smoking, but over the years, research has discovered that people seldom quit smoking, and even if they do, they continue to vape, which still has its own harmful effects.

Is Vaping Bad for the Body?

From a dental perspective, vaping is better than smoking because it doesn’t deposit the large amounts of yellowish nicotine that stain tooth enamel. From an overall health perspective, though, vaping still shouldn’t be considered a healthy hobby in which to imbibe.

Take, for example, the fact that e-cigarettes are powered by aerosolized components that come with heating elements. The liquids that create the aerosol contain high amounts of toxic metals, which can be very damaging to the lungs and other body organs. These components often consist of ingredients like nickel, lead, and chromium—none of which are intended to be ingested into the body.

The Truth

For smokers who are able to wholly substitute vaping for cigarettes, there are health benefits. But, the facts indicate that vaping should never be considered healthy. It’s simply a better alternative to smoking.

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