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Tooth Regeneration – Myths and Realities

We all know you get at least two sets of teeth. Unfortunately, we’re often too young to understand the importance of permanent teeth when those baby teeth decide to depart from our lives on their way to new adventures. (Hopefully, the Tooth Fairy takes them on fun rides to places they’ve never seen before!)

It’s imperative to begin proper oral care at the first sign of a baby tooth (even beforehand, just by showing your baby what your morning and evening routines look like), but once the adult teeth have settled in, it’s go time!

It’s up to you to brush and floss regularly and see your dentist every six months. Until recently, dental professionals were under the impression that once the healthy portions of permanent teeth are gone, it’s gone forever.

Recently, our LaSalle dental facility has fielded a number of questions regarding tooth regeneration. While this science is still quite new, we wanted to take this time to explain some of the known myths and facts about the process:

Fact: The research of tooth regeneration is still in its infancy and has a long way to go before it’s approved for use by the general public.

Fiction: If successful, dentists will not be put out of the job. In fact, dental professionals are the people who will ultimately be responsible for overseeing the correct application of regenerative materials.

Fact: Dentin is the primary mineral that makes up teeth. It lives below the enamel and can be degraded when cavities break through the protective outside barrier and invade the dentin layer.

Fiction: Current research does not indicate a cure for the common cavity. Rather, tertiary (thin, surface-layer) dentin is being produced by way of stem cells. However, science is looking into ways to further elaborate on the production of dentin by way of treatments that were initially developed to treat Alzheimer’s.

Fact: Tests have already been performed, using biodegradable sponges soaked with applicable collagen. The results were positive, showing the sponges degraded over time and were replaced with newly generated dentin.

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