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The Truth About Dental Cleanings: How Often Should You Get Them and Why?

When patients come to our LaSalle dental centre for the first time, we hear one question more than any other: “How often should I have my teeth cleaned?”

Everyone should have their teeth cleaned professionally every six months. Even people who have strict brushing and flossing schedules need to be seen by a dental hygienist twice a year to ensure their healthy mouths stay that way. Of course, people who are prone to oral health issues may be advised to come in more frequently once their dental professionals are able to assess the situation, but as a general rule, good oral health includes dental cleanings every six months.

Why Every Six Months?

This isn’t a random number. Dental cleanings have two main purposes: to remove plaque from your teeth and to serve as an early-warning system for other oral health issues.

Plaque is an inevitable part of life, even if you brush and floss constantly. The longer it’s on your teeth, the more calcification will occur on your enamel. Calcified plaque can only be removed by way of special skills and tools; doing so helps prevent tartar buildup and other serious health issues.

Dentists and hygienists are also trained to identify other health issues, such as:

  • Oral cancer
  • Anemia
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • New cavities

It’s best to discover these issues as early as possible.

Sticking to the Schedule

Centre Dentaire services patients from Verdun, Lachine, LaSalle and surrounding communities. We know our patients are busy people; six months can creep up very quickly.

To avoid skipping your six-month mark, try:

  • Scheduling your next appointment before you leave the office. We’ve found when it’s already on the calendar, it’s a lot easier for people to adhere to the schedule.
  • Making appointments for your entire family at one time. Shuttling kids from one side of town to the other is tough enough with everyday tasks. Avoid extraneous scheduling by booking appointments that are simultaneous or back-to-back on the same day.

Whether you’re simply looking for a dental facility to help you stay on a healthy oral healthcare schedule, or you’ve fallen out of sync and need help getting your mouth back in tip-top shape, we’re here to help. Our team of dental hygienists and friendly front desk staff — along with Dre Nathalie Kadoch’s outstanding skills and experience — have everything you need to smile a little brighter!

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