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Learning Disabilities and Dental Care

When people think of learning disabilities, the discussion typically turns to education. While children with learning disabilities in Lasalle schools certainly face unique challenges, their caretakers also face unique trials outside of the classroom.

It’s no secret that dental care is an essential part of a person’s overall health, but people with learning disabilities—both children and adults—often encounter greater risks, simply because they may not fully understand the importance of keeping their teeth healthy (and the steps necessary to do so).

Our Verdun dental care professionals often work with parents and caretakers of patients with learning disabilities. We understand the distinct challenges that come with this task. If you can relate, we hope you find the following information helpful.

Communicate in a Way That Makes Sense

By definition, people with learning disabilities learn differently than people who don’t have learning disabilities. It’s imperative to explain dental health in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner. Often, visual aids can simplify the process. Caretakers might consider using picture books and videos to get the message across in a fun, uncomplicated manner.

Provide Ways They Can Express Pain or Discomfort

People with learning disabilities may not be able to express pain or discomfort clearly. They may become overly anxious or frustrated for no apparent reason. As a caretaker, it’s important to recognize changes in your person’s behaviour, which could indicate problems below the surface.

Communication is key, even if it’s not something the person you’re caring for can easily express. Be on the lookout for behaviour that’s out of the ordinary, and be sure to tell the person you care for it’s okay to talk about pain or discomfort. That’s the only way you’ll be able to solve the problem.

Avoid Unnecessary Anxiety

For people who have a tendency to worry, morning dental appointments are usually better. Early appointments don’t allow a lot of time for patients to build up anxiety. Early timeslots are also great for patients who tire easily, as they fit right into their schedules without requiring them to expel energy late in the day.

If you’re the caretaker of a person with learning disabilities in Verdun, Lachine, or the surrounding neighbourhoods, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our team of dental care experts at Centre Dentaire. We understand our patients’ fears and needs and work diligently to provide a calm and caring environment. We look forward to meeting you!