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Dental Hygiene – Top 3 Routines Your Child Should Follow

Most kids in Lachine are getting ready to head into summer break, but that doesn’t mean the studies stop when the school doors shut!

Summer is a great time to explain dental hygiene to children, enabling them to ask questions and get into a routine before the new school year starts again.

Need help getting started? Here are the top three before-and-after dental hygiene routines every child should follow:

1. Before the Day Gets Started

Rise and shine, little ones!

Before your kiddo even begin to tackle their days, reinforce the fact that a solid start begins with fresh breath.

Make toothbrushing part of your child’s routine as soon as he or she wakes up in the morning. Once you reinforce the fact that this is the way everyone starts the day, your child will be more on board with brushing those pearly whites.

If you have a stubborn learner, show your child how it’s done by letting him or her share your sink space. Toothbrushing moments can be excellent times for bonding, too!

2. After Eating

It’s important that kids understand why they need to brush after they’ve eaten. Many parents lock onto the idea of brushing after sugary snacks, which is certainly imperative to ensuring the healthy growth of little ones’ teeth; however, many people fail to realize that healthy meals can also produce acid that can harm baby teeth.

Teach your children about the importance of brushing after eating to reduce the enamel-attacking bacteria that could harm their oral health in the long run.

3. Before Bed

After bathtime, and just before storytime, there’s a peaceful place where children’s teeth are at their happiest.

Before-bed routines are important for a number of reasons; they help children sleep better, enable little ones to absorb more information during the waking hours, and set them on the right paths for success as they grow and become adults.

Before your little one settles in for a slumber, make sure she’s brushed her teeth. It’s the easiest way to build a foundation for positive oral health.

The first thing your child needs to know about dental hygiene is that dentists are their friends. Centre Dentaire welcomes little ones of all ages. From teeth cleanings to super-hero oral fixes, our team is here to help!

You can schedule a consultation with our kid-friendly Lasalle dental facility online. We can’t wait to meet you!