Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening is very popular, and there is a wide variety of products, home recipes, and whitening services on the market. Before starting a whitening treatment, whether at the dentist’s or with over-the-counter products, we strongly recommend that you consult us for an oral examination.


First, we need to identify the cause of the discolouration and make sure your teeth are healthy. Then, we have to make the necessary repairs. If you choose to have your teeth whitened at the clinic, we need to take an impression of your teeth to make personalized whitening trays.


A word of caution

There are numerous products available over the counter, including toothpaste, mouthwash, whitening strips, and trays pre-filled with whitening gel. It’s important to know that, although they all contain whitening agents, their effectiveness varies, and they can damage the gums.


Beware of tempting offers some beauty centres may advertise. Always have your dental health checked to make sure you don’t have cavities, cracks, or a loose tooth. In these situations, the whitening product could cause pain or serious damage to soft tissue in the mouth.


Home recipes found on social media and the web should be used with caution. Indeed, they often use activated charcoal, which is very abrasive and can damage tooth enamel. Care should be taken with products such as baking soda, peroxide, coconut oil, or cider vinegar. Talk to us before using any of these products to avoid unpleasant side effects.


Better safe than sorry

For better and safer results, it is best to consult your dentist. They’ll be able to determine the appropriate dosage according to your oral health. The process is simple and safe, and you’ll get great results quickly. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 514-367-0300 if you have any questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental implants could last from a few decades to a lifetime if well-taken care of. The gum and the bone surrounding the implant have to stay healthy. Proper oral hygiene and routine visits to your dentist are a must.

The surgery usually lasts 1 hour and is done under local anesthesia. Patients can usually go back to their daily routine the following day.

Smoking inhibits the healing of the gum and the jawbone. We ask our patients not to smoke prior to and after the surgery to prevent any complications.

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